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The puritans were members of a religious group that was formed in the early 1500s to the 1600s in England. The Mayflower brought Puritanism to America where it greatly influenced social and government classes. The beliefs were formed and taught through teachers such as John Wycliffe. Wycliffe was a scholar from Oxford University. He spread is Ideas through the 1300s; his teachings grew more and more popular through the 14 and 1500s.

The large belief of Puritanism is that god has supreme authority over Human affairs. They thought it was very important to have moral purity down to the smallest detail as well as ecclesiastical purity to the highest level The Puritans emphasized Bible reading, prayer, and preaching in worship services. They also wanted prayers that were more personal. They stressed grace, devotion, and self-examination to achieve religious goals. They argued that no earthly man should be a leader of the church, only Christ could rule the church.